Christine Florez

Anonymous from Albany


About the Exhibition

This is a most serious moment for humans. We are experiencing turmoil that is profoundly disrupting our routines and foreshadows changes beyond our control. Some of the signs need to be named: Wars and conflicts throughout the world; growing legions of refugees and the displaced; virulent pandemics; anti-democratic political movements; deniers of facts and science; and climate upheavals that alter our geography and agriculture. How are we to handle all this? It is part of the human condition to face challenges. But we endure the struggle when we look for moments of peace and satisfaction, moments of grace. Sometimes these are unexpected, a gift or surprise; most often, humans work assiduously to bring these moments about.

The artists in this exhibition give us their interpretation of grace using their tools of color, form, dreams, ideas, representations, new digital powers, and language. We hope those who see the exhibition are graced by it.

Introduction by Laudelina Martinez, Curator

Samantha Kelley, Production and Curatorial Assistant




Elaine Langerman

It seems my work partakes of forgotten dreams called to mind by fragments of images, by things seen in waking life, snippets of, wisps of, vaporous entities reflecting this glorious and terrifying universe...



2022     10" x 10"

Digital Collage



Alice in a Lotus Blossom

2018     Custom Size

Digital Collage



Balloon Girl Among the Clouds

2023     8" x 8"

Digital Collage on Panel



Alice Converses with the Snake

2017     8 1/2" x 8 3/4"

Layered and Painted Digital Collage




Barbara Masterson

Art is like a serum, transforming its audience for good or ill.

Familiar shapes in fields and orchards, migrant workers toil in the Hudson Valley doing jobs most Americans won't, earning modest wages, sometimes risking deportation. Hard at work, they summon our attention and invite us to come closer, to see their labor and their humanity.

Who are they? Can you see them?

It’s possible for society to confer invisibility on a group. We relieve ourselves of concern about health care, working conditions, pesticides, housing, lack of ability to get their own food. What role do we play in keeping them unseen? My work can expand our perceptions of these workers. In my paintings, the viewer will come to see these persons for the vital role they have in our lives.



2022     30" x 48"

Oil on Canvas




2019     48" x 24"

Oil on Canvas



Noble Workers II

2022     30" x 30"

Oil on Canvas




Judy Collischan

Grace is dependent upon turmoil. Without the latter, there would be no sense of refinement. Seeming opposites need one another in order to exist. My painting process is spontaneous. It is this sense of improvisation that remains in its resolution. That is, the distinction of the work resides in a revelation of active means. 



2023     18" x 12"

Gouache and Oil Stick on Birch Panel



Untitled (Beauty)

2023     18" x 24"

Oil Stick, Pastel, and Paper on Birch Panel




2023     12" x 9"

Acrylic, Gouache, Watercolor, and Charcoal on Paper




Phyllis Tracy Malinow

After the Storm  was created soon after the massive group of souls were lost at the World Trade Center, Pentagon, and Pennsylvania. Shock of the horrific attack downtown; air like a crematorium we breathed, left confusion, fear, deep wounds and devastating sadness. We would never be the same. Infant and Mother is primal as the child clings to Mother with all the newness of life; light, sound, smell, chaos, hunger, joyful sustenance and warmth but with innocent ambivalence. And for Mother, responsibility for another human being to feed, protect, teach, love and care for. Connection: Friends become your family and community; It’s where you learn, share, support, love, feel akin with other folks on their own journey. This part of Life  may be the God essence gift Life offers.

Turmoil hovers over our lives at levels of speed. It’s not business as usual but a distortion packed with chaotic struggle, untruths even violence as we strife to find clarity and truth. Life has recently emerged as creative, tantrum destructiveness. Let’s rise, embracing who we are as we sought through this complex time with knowledge, grace and care in this ever changing journey together.


After The Storm

2001     36" x 36"

Oil on Canvas



Infant and Mother

1997     36" x 36"

Oil on Canvas



Family Series: Connection

2000     11 1/2" x 9"

Multi-Colored Wood Block Mono Print




Melissa Thompson

In the most difficult moments a beautiful memory can save us: a place, a person, a smell, a song, a plant, a pattern, or all of that in an artwork.

 A migrant often needs that, whatever the reason for being far from home.

Since I moved to the US, I realize how important the patterns printed on my favorite garments are. Most I have had since I was a teenager, and I can recognize lots of memories in each one of them. In tough times being far from the homeland and loved people, these images revive and bring me the warmth of family, even a fresh wind next to the lagoon where I grew up.

Memory fights against distance and nostalgia, transforming into gratitude and resistance.



2022     13" x 9"

Print on Fabric

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La Monona

2022     14" x 10 1/2"

Print on Fabric

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Welcoming FDA

2022     12" x 10"

Print on Fabric

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Jeanne Finley

Children are participants in all of these photos, and as every parent knows, children can generate both grace and turmoil in their lives. In these spontaneous portraits, I wanted to observe the relationship between parent and child (and vice versa), and at the same time reveal the “scene” or context in which I found them. What are they doing together, and why? What can we know about their relationship from a look or gesture? Where is the grace and where is the turmoil?



2018     11" x 8 1/2"

Black and White Inkjet Print




2014     16 3/8” x  17 1/4”

Sepia Inkjet Print with Matte



Science not Silence (Megan and Evan)

2017     8 1/2" x 11"

Toned Black and White Inkjet Print




2017     16 1/6" x 14"

Framed Color Inkjet Print




Gary Masline

These three paintings reflect in various and related ways the exhibition theme of "Grace & Turmoil". Each projects turmoil or conflict in their own manner, and  carries the potential for any attending turmoil's end, hoping for grace evident in its resolution. "Jack & Jill's Divorce" and "Litigation" are conceptually linked, with cessation of their inherent turmoil accomplished either through a negotiated settlement or actual litigation as the vehicle for an outcome, preferably one with accompanying grace rather than further turmoil. "Of Ruins & Resilience" puts forth an image of turmoil's aftermath, with ruins evident from the destruction wrought. But the figure in the painting's foreground has survived through an endurance borne with grace and the resilience of its title.


Jack and Jill's Divorce

2004     24" x 36"

Oil on Canvas



Of  Ruins & Resilience

2022     16" x 12"

Oil on Canvas




2006     36" x 36"

Oil on Canvas




Anne Ackerson

Our world is in a perpetual and accelerating state of change and the change that has enveloped us right now seems especially tumultuous, even out of control. Just think: Millions of people are in motion around the globe, seeking safe harbor. Climate trauma, pandemics, social injustice, and an avalanche of information that is both real and fake fuel growing social, political, and economic divisions.

Turmoil requires us to respond to it with grace. My paintings in this show try to reflect that, whether the bold energy of “Crossing” that evokes physical movement or the sense of respite found in “Make Your Home in the Shade” – these works flow from my emotional reaction to turmoil and my desire to respond with empathy.



2023     12" x 18"

Acrylic and Mixed Media on Gessoed Watercolor Paper



Make Your Home in the Shade

2023     9" x 12"

Acrylic and Mixed Media on Gessoed Watercolor Paper



No Promises

2021     12" x 12"

Acrylic and Mixed Media on Gessoed Watercolor Paper



Scattered Signs of Grace

2023     8" x 8"

Acrylic and Mixed Media on Gessoed Watercolor Paper




Jean Tansey

From utopia to dystopia, I bring reality-based images  to the mix.

These are true stories, frequently buried down screen from mainstream exposure, in which most of the people of the world live in conditions which are uncomfortable, dangerous and with tenuous holds on security. As climate change brings more extreme weather events, water is creating devastation, destruction and relocation.

 War for territory is nothing new, what is new are the real time awareness of the who, what, when, where and especially the why



2024     20" x 50"

Acrylic on Canvas




Grace Tatara

These photos were from a hiking trip of the Chuctanunda Creek Trail in Amsterdam, NY.  It took us all around the streets of the city. There were natural waterfalls countered with spray painted abandoned buildings. It is different going back to Amsterdam now, years separated from growing up there. I remember that convenience store. When I used to walk down there, it also had a Chinese food restaurant and video rental store in the plaza. The floors were not level, which never made sense. 

Recently, I saw in the news that the whole lot was being knocked down. I was not particularly inspired by Amsterdam as a child. But revisiting it now, the turmoil in much of it’s condition works with my aesthetic eye.




8" x 10"

Digital Photograph





8" x 10"

Digital Photograph




2022     8" x 10"

Digital Photograph




Tina Lincer

These paintings illustrate my love of making abstract florals with a profusion of color and texture. Perennial gardens have always been a source of solace and inspiration. Here, I have attempted to capture moments of the grace, hope, renewal, and continuity I find in my garden. Despite the onslaught of despair chronicled daily in the news, I refuse to abandon hope and joy.


A Blessing

2024     8" x 8"

Oil and Collage on Canvas



Rhapsody in Coral, White and Yellow

2023     20" x 10"

Oil on Canvas



Dreaming in Color

2023     12" x 12"

Oil on Canvas

$500  SOLD



Anne Hohenstein

To render grace, one must, of necessity, include images of turmoil, as contrast, as integral, as comment. The perfect representation of life with its hoped-for grace and inevitable turmoil here includes a ragged swirl of tulle on a face of near perfect symmetry with lips and eyes pinned shut; a savaged heart nourishing a tender baby; and an impassive Stepford-wife figure half-deep in a jumble of tiny silk flowers and pearls in a deep purple bowl. Adornments aplenty, rich colors, sorrow, pain: one without the other leaves a sterile veneer or an oppressive cliche. 

Inevitably, what blesses us disturbs us; what disturbs us blesses us.



2024     18" x 20" x 12 1/2"

Multimedia Sculpture



Atomics: a [Barren] Mythology

2024     4" x 6" x 4"

Multimedia Sculpture



Again, Why Bother

 2024     12 1/2" x 14" x 12"

Multimedia Sculpture




Altin Stoja

I am dedicated to my work, and I like to bring grace to spaces like public schools and hospitals with the images and Icons that I create. I enjoy when people respond to my Byzantine iconography.


Portrait of Jesus

Circa 2015     12" x 12"

Egg Tempera and 24K Gold on Traditional Icon Board



Virgin Mary on Her Throne with Jesus

Circa 2015     30" x 40"

Tapestry with Gold Leaf on Khartoum



Artist Sketches

Shown are examples of sketches by which the artist plans his murals and larger paintings.These are available in various dimensions.

Pencil on Paper

$150 each



Antonio Grillo-Lopez

Doves are frequently depicted as a symbol of peace. They project, as in "Dove of Peace,"  spirituality, hope, and love. In these tumultuous times where terror, violence, and war are present throughout the world, many of us pray for peace.

“Sculptural” seems to me to be the image of a dancer, seen from the back, with arms up above the head. It evokes what one would see in a“Tablao Flamenco” where Spanish dancers perform this type of music and dancing. It is a very difficult and exhausting type of dance and the performers have to be in top physical shape. The image portrays such a dancer who is slim, fit, perfectly shaped (sculptural). 

We tend to think that we have been most fortunate in that the only war on our soil was the Civil War. Wrong, there have been many other wars here. "Sioux War Bonnet" reminds us that there were a number of wars with Native Americans. These Native headdresses, or War bonnets, are traditionally made with eagle feathers awarded for bravery in combat. Considered the most powerful of all birds, the eagle has feathers that symbolize courage, honor, and bravery. 


Dove of Peace

2017     8" x 10"

Color Print on Photo Paper




2017     8" x 10"

Color Print on Photo Paper



Sioux War Bonnet

2018     8" x 10"

Color Print on Photo Paper




Terry McMaster

My painting process is intuitive. The images flow out from the unconscious, personal and collective. I do not consider myself regularly exhibiting grace. What grace there is comes from within me, expressing in images. The Creator has given me this grace; I have no ownership of it. Turmoil flows in and around me. Such ancient images connect me to my deepest most ancient Self, what Carl Jung called “The Great Self". Painting these archetypal images creates a bridge to the ancestors. Hence my paintings look like dreams. I work to make the unconscious conscious. As a therapist and a painter, that is my life’s work.


Ghost Ranch

2023     9" x 12"

Acrylic and Ink on Paper




2023     9" x 12"

Acrylic and Ink on Paper



Abwoon: Creator Who is Creating

2023     9" x 12"

Acrylic and Ink on Paper



Holy Spirits

2023     11" x 14"

Acrylic and Ink on Paper




Eliezer Parrilla

None of the art pieces are planned. I usually begin with something in my hands. Part of the work may stay around taking dust until it calls again. Except for the canvases, I try to work with what I find and what I have around me. Art itself should be timeless. The work should not depend solely on one’s epoch to be appreciated. It should reflect its modernity because the artist has absorbed and critiqued his time, and yet it should be able to touch the future: its possibilities, wonders and hopes.


Between Lives

2016     48" x 36"

Acrylic and Collage on Canvas



Crowning the Fool

2018     40" x 30"

Acrylic on Canvas




2021     16" x 20"

Acrylic on Canvas




2021     16" x 20"

Acrylic on Canvas




Roxanna Melendez

In these pieces, I aim to capture those ephemeral moments where grace and
turmoil are facets of the same experience. My pieces are visual narratives that
speak to the world of emotions, the struggles that we face, as well as those
moments of transcendence. I use a variety of mediums, allowing the materials
themselves to reveal the themes of my work. My work invites the viewers to find
beauty, inner reflection and balance in life’s indescribable moments.


I am King

2023     56" x 48"

Mixed Media on Textile



Ghosts and Apparitions

2023     59" x 83"

Mixed Media on Textile



Angeles from Puerto Rico (After Caravaggio)

2023     84" x 53"

Mixed Media on Textile




Caren Canier

Collages have always been an immediate way for me to explore my feelings. In a sense, they are a window into my subconscious. I start them spontaneously, intuitively picking and choosing images and forms that I see around me and juxtaposing them in odd ways, gradually developing a composition.


L'amica geniale (Elena Ferrente)

2017     15" x 22"

Oil Pastel on Paper



Storia di chi fugge e chi resta

2017     15" x 22"

Oil Pastel on Paper



L'amica geniale (Elena Ferrente)

2023     22" x 30"

Matte Acrylic on Canvas



One Hundred Years of Solitude

2017     40" x 60"

Oil with Mixed Media on Panel




About the Artists

Elaine Langerman is an established, award winning artist, with a considerable record of solo and group exhibitions. Her work is in museums, such as the Smithsonian and the National Museum of Women in the Arts, and in important corporate, academic, and individual permanent collections. She is a resident of Washington D.C.

Barbara Masterson's work is in private and corporate collections in Italy, Germany, and the USA. She has participated in numerous juried, solo, and group shows, and taught art for many years. In 2015, while painting plein air on a local farm in the Hudson Valley where she lives, she began taking up portraits of migrant workers for her work.

Judy Collischan is an established artist and curator who holds a Ph.D. in art history from the University of Iowa. She has had broad experience in museum administration in a variety of roles, and continues to produce her own work in painting, drawing, and other media. She lives in Manhattan.

Phyllis Tracy Malinow is an experienced artist who has worked in a variety of media and genres. She’s well known in NYC artist circles with group and solo exhibitions, as well as a substantial record of work for the theater. She studied in and maintained a long association with the Art Students League of NY.

Melissa Thompson was born in Argentina where she obtained a Bachelor’s degree in visual arts from Universidad Nacional de la Plata and taught art to adults and young people. Her practice includes paintings, mosaics, prints, and digital arts, with an approach that views textile patterns as symbols of art and experience. She is currently on an extended visit to Troy, NY.

Jeanne Finley is a writer, editor, and fine art photographer in New York. She uses her experience telling narratives on paper to present stories in images, some through photojournalism and others through the imaginative use of landscape. Her photographs of activism in NY's Capital Region are being collected by the Albany Institute of History and Art.

Gary Masline is a landscape and figurative artist whose works present wide and expansive American panoramas in which humans try to toil. His background includes training in the law and art, a career as a government official, and participation in a community of artists in Upstate New York. He has a studio in Troy, NY.

Anne Ackerson is a Hudson River Valley visual artist who does abstract and representational work. Graduating with a degree in Art History, she paused her own production of art to work in museums and for other cultural institutions, until she returned to painting a few years ago. She is moved by color, composition, and texture in her work. She lives and works in Troy, NY

Jean Tansey is an artist, curator, and gallerist in Troy, NY. In 2017, she purchased an 1890 brick building in the city’s Osgood neighborhood. With her partner, friends, and a family member, it was restored, and the space is now home to original music and art experiences. Her visual language focuses  on complex narratives in a poetic manner; she seeks to increase awareness of individual experience within a context of larger global concerns.

Grace Tatara is an emerging artist with a promising career in the visual arts. She uses paints, assemblage, metal, and photography as preferred media. She has exhibited in several galleries in Upstate NY, where she lives and works. Tatara was top of her class when she graduated with a baccalaureate degree in Fine Arts from the Sage Colleges.

Tina Lincer, a New York City native, is a mid-career oil painter, collage artist, and writer. An unabashed colorist with a love of impasto and sgrafitto, she maintains a very active program of exhibitions throughout Upstate New York where she lives and works. Many of her landscapes are inspired by travels in the USA and abroad; her figurative paintings enjoy a minimalistic appearance.

Anne Hohenstein is a multi-faceted artist who is also a poet, lawyer, and real estate professional. Her work is inspired by a keen interest in material forms, color, and textuality, principally, in assemblages, mixed media paintings, and digital pieces. She exhibits in Upstate NY, and has a studio in Troy.

Altin Stoja was born and raised in the coastal town of Pogradec, Albania. He spent 12 years studying in Greece after his education in Albania. Since immigrating to the USA, he has been working on murals and iconography for private commissions; his personal work also shows an interest in landscapes and portraiture. He has a studio in Upstate New York.

Antonio Grillo-Lopez may be described as someone with deep interests in science, medical research, and the visual and performing arts. He practiced as an oncologist; taught in medical schools in  Puerto Rico and Michigan; mentored young physicians; helped discover 25 anticancer agents with other medical innovations; and authored more than 400 publications, while maintaining an active program of painting and creating art. The implication that all matter is related predominates  in his creative work.

Terry McMaster is a visual artist whose practice in art combines with his practice in psychotherapy and teaching. His work includes most notably painting, mixed media, collages, and photography. Besides studying art, he holds two degrees; an MSW and a MLS, both from Syracuse University. He gives credit to Carl Jung for his conception of art.

Eliezer Parrilla is an established artist who has exhibited widely and whose work is in museums and collections. He has had a substantial teaching career and is a gifted musician. Born in Spanish Harlem, he grew up in Puerto Rico. His production is noted for its diversity over decades, its unfettered experimentalism, its marrying of intense abstract artistry with scientific-like precision and process, and for visually incorporating Jungian archetypes into modern cultural and political themes.

Roxanna Melendez  is a mid-career artist who often uses Caribbean themes in her paintings. Born in Puerto Rico, she received an MSW from Columbia University, and studied art at Hunter College and at The Art Students League. Her bold paintings depict real life events within strong personal narratives and symbols that explore her cultural roots and life in New York City. As a docent at the MetropolitanMuseum of Art, her work has appeared in staff exhibitions. She lives in Manhattan.

Caren Canier is the recipient of many awards, including a New York State CAPS grant, fellowships from NYFA, and grants from the Ingram Merrill Foundation and the Pollock-Krasner Foundation. She has exhibited frequently in the US and abroad, with solo exhibitions at NYC’s Painting Center and the castle Rocca di Umbertide in Italy. Canier received a BFA from Cornell University and an MFA from Boston University; she was a professor at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. She keeps studios in NYC and Umbria, Italy.



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