About Us

Martinez Gallery opened in March 2001 with the clear mission to exhibit high quality art and offer outstanding value to its patrons. Its program included a specialty in Latino art. The Gallery has been successful in establishing a reputation for preparing intellectually strong and visually exciting exhibitions. Since 2001, founder Laudelina Martinez has curated more than 100 exhibitions, as well as other cultural events.

In 2012, the Gallery moved to emphasize client services  while still mounting exhibitions. This step expanded outreach efforts to bring art to organizations and individuals in the region. Martinez Gallery has been involved in a broad attempt to promote everyday living and working in interaction with the arts.

The Gallery seeks to develop new collectors; it assists experienced collectors and institutions with acquisitions, cataloguing, and other professional services.

Laudelina Martinez is both founder and director of the Gallery.  A former higher education leader, Martinez served as President of the Board of an organization that administers a museum, and is a member of a state council that supports the arts and cultural institutions.

Working with Artists

The Gallery encourages artists who’d like to talk about their careers or receive feedback about their work to meet with Laudelina Martinez, the Director of the Gallery.

There are two ways the Director can work with artists. First, she can give a general appraisal of the artist’s career choices thus far. Second, she can provide a critical review of the work produced thus far and areas for exploration.

At the initial meeting, the Director will identify the targets to be achieved in future sessions in collaboration with the artist. Through this individualized consultation, Laudelina Martinez will provide an appraisal of the artist’s professional choices thus far. This could include professional areas and strategies for further exploration by the artist.

In working individually with mid-career and mature artists, a review of the current status of the artist could lead to an evaluation of the artist’s written materials and presentation if needed.

The artist may choose as well to get critical attention the Director. This would be aimed at providing attention to individual artistic growth.

The cost for the consultation, $100 an hour,  takes into account regional standards, thus, lower than in other markets.



                                                            Alexis Mendoza

                                                                   Roxanna Melendez

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