Martinez Gallery works with emerging, mid-career, and established artists. Many of the latter are internationally renowned and their works are represented in museums and other important collections.The Gallery is particularly interested in presenting artists who are part of the new majority, such as Latinos, that often are not given room in the nation’s art world.

The Gallery works closely with the following artists:

Roxanna Melendez

Alexis Mendoza

George Simmons

Gary Masline

Tina Lincer

Willie Marlowe

Dan Burkholder

Miguel Martinez-Riddle

Martin Rubio

Armando Soto

Emma Chang

Barbara Masterson

The Gallery has exhibited the work of these artists and is able to offer collectors and designers their works: Jaime Suarez, Dan Mehlman, Bob Blackmon, Angela Kanaan, Mariana Depetris, Sara Guerric, Ann Wolf, Mary Wheeler, Marie-Louise McHugh, Phyllis Tracy Malinow, Alexandra Higgins, Angelina Perez, Gary Shankman, Dorothy Englander, Cruz Ortiz, Nancy Noble Gardner, Juan Maldonado, Alberto Mijangos, Richard Callner, Pietro Costa,  Jacqueline Watsky, Jeanne Finley, Jill Skupin-Burkholder, Caren Canier, German Perez, Conard Holton, Cesar Chelala, and Raul Acero.

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